Maharashtra: Inter District Transfer of Teachers Begins

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Pune, 20th August 2022: From the midnight between 19th and 20th August 2022, the inter district transfers of teachers serving in Zilha Parishad schools of Maharahtra have begun. The teachers seeking a transfer to another district had indicated their choices. Accordingly, the software has begun applying all the rules,as per the government resolution of 7th April 2021, and has begun transferring teachers. The software is completely automated without any possibility human intervention. The entire log-book of each rule used and each decision step is maintained, as it can be seen in the screen.


Automation in decision making

The software would run upto 34 loops. In the most simple loop- for example, one teacher from Pune would go to Satara and a teacher from Satara will come to Pune. In a loop of 3 districts, a teacher from Pune will go to Satara, a teacher from Satara will go to Sholapur, the teacher from Sholapur will come to Pune – thereby filling mutual vacancies. The most complex operation that would be carried out by the software would be to create a loop of all the 34 Zilha Parishad in the state.

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“This is a solution that is using parellel compute block chain and hyper processing to compute ‘ n raised to n’ permutations and combinations of to produce the most optimum computed outcomes on very complex data and multiple rule processing without a single human intervention,” said Nilesh Devidas CTO of Vinsys, the company contracted to develop and maintain the software.


For the first time, decision making has been transferred to a software based on a fixed set of rules. It is an example of artificial intelligence. Most softwares used in government are used to collect data, populate dashboards, fetch stored data with the aim of facilitating decision making by the concerned official. Pune Zilha Parishad has previously used automation to verify eligibility in Mahalabharthi Software.


I have had the difficult job of explaining to highly influential persons about why I cannot help with the transfer of their close relative – because the system is totally automated and rule bound.

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Super Computing Power

For the inter district transfer 6 Nodes of consisting 8 Virtual Machine CPUs in each of the nodes hosted on a cloud, are being used to compute the data in 14 rounds. The data computation is expected to take 31 hours. A block chain has been created to enhance the computing power.


In simple words, 48 computers would be computing continuously for 31 hours to process the data. Each calculation and each decision of each of the computers are being recorded in the logbook.


Data Correctness

Extensive administative steps such as approval by Divisional Commissioners of roasters of caste categories in each cadre of teachers in each district.


An online social audit of data entered by teachers was conducted. The complete transparency helped the system earn confidence of the teachers.


The policy for transfer of teachers was enacted after extensive consultations with teachers and their unions. Social media was used for elicit opinion and facilitate debate on the several contentious issues. The policy has been accepted wholeheartedly by all sections of teachers.


Security audit

Cert-IN security certificate, STQC Complainve, Internal Compliance to maintain Sigma 6 rating of the software, App Scan and other security certificates have been taken. The cloud provider is authorised to provide services to banks and provides such services to several banks and also several union & state governments.


All transactions and decisions have an audit trail.

Data is stored in audit ledger with block chain unmodified pattern. All data modification required an OTP authentication from respective data owner.