Maharashtra Kesari ‘hit’ on social media

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Pune, January 8, 2020: The 63rd prestigious Maharashtra Kesari wrestling competition organized Maharashtra State Wrestling Association and Amanora has taken social media by storm. Millions of people from over 58 nations have enjoyed watching the wrestling competitions on social media platforms including Facebook, Youtube and even Blogs.

Organized by Aniruddha Deshpande of Amanora, the Maharashtra Kesari turned out to be a highly organized and disciplined competitionand besides actual playground planning, necessary care was taken to ensure that spectators are able to watch and enjoy the sport conveniently.

“Blogs were uploaded for the first time this year along with Facebook and YouTube Livethrough which about 1 lakh 25 thousand people from 54 nations were able to follow and enjoy the competitions,” said Ramdas Desai, Social Media Representative of Maharashtra State Wrestling Association.

About 8 lakh, 50 thousand people from 9 countries have viewed videos, posts and photos of the competition bouts on Facebook. Most ‘likes’ however were given on Youtube Live, which according to the organizers for the first-timewas viewed as a ‘sports channel’by the wrestling enthusiastswith all the scores, graphics and action replay features.

“The five daytime bouts that took place between January 3 and 7were viewed by over 20 lakh people from 58 countries on the Youtube Live channel and of that about 2 lakh views were from India. Apart from that, 22 thousand people watched the final match of the Maharashtra Kesari competition ‘live’ on the channel,” said Ram Suresh Swami, Social Media Live Broadcaster, Maharashtra State Wrestling Association.