Maharashtra Krishi Din: Wada Kolam rice of Palghar district eyes for GI tag

Wada Kolam rice
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Anvita Srivastava

Pune, July 1, 2020: On the occasion of Maharashtra Krishi Din or agriculture day, another agri-product of the state, Wada Kolam which is also known as Zini rice eyes for geographical identification (GI) tag. A GI is an indication used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin.


Professor Ganesh Hingmire, Founder and Chairman of Great Mission Group Consultancy (GMCC), Pune, has applied for the GI for Wada Kolam recently on the behalf of Wada Kolam Va Bahuuddeshiy Sheti Utpadan Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit.

Hingmire, GI expert said, “We have sent the GI application recently for Wada Kolam. Wada Kolam is produced in Wada taluka of Palghar district. They have been growing this rice since many generations, with this GI tag, it will help them to get a premium price.”


He further said, “Wada Kolam is aromatic non-basmati rice. The uniqueness of this rice is that it is gluten-free and easy to digest. It is also high in micro-nutrient content. All these qualities in rice are due to its geographical location and therefore GI tag will help the farmers who are growing this variety of rice


Hingmire informed that no artificial fertilisers are used in the farming of Wada Kolam. He said, “If you add fertilisers, it will spoil the crop and you just need to add cow dung for the manure purpose. Farmers only use seeds that are produced locally and does not buy from the market.”


Vaibhav Patil, Secretary, Wada Kolam Va Bahuuddeshiy Sheti Utpadan Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit said, “In Wada taluka of Palghar district, generations of farmers have been doing the organic farming of Wada Kolam. Only cow dung is used as manure. Though, many farmers have stopped the cultivation as rates are very less in the market. Duplication is also there as many farmers from other state claims growing Wada Kolam and sell it in the market at a cheaper rate.”


He further said, “This GI tag will help in keeping a check on duplication in the market and also help in increasing the demand among the customers. This will eventually result in the premium price for the farmers and more farmers will start doing the farming of Wada Kolam.”