Maharashtra: Man Loses Eye in Attack Over Footwear Dispute at Temple

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Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, 19th January 2024: On January 15, as a 45-year-old man, identified as Bhalchandra Nade, suffered the loss of an eye following an altercation near the main entrance of the Bhavani Mata temple. The incident falls under the jurisdiction of the Waluj police station.

Ganesh Bodkhe (34) and Dnyaneshwar Bodkhe (36), the alleged assailants, were promptly apprehended by the police. They face charges of voluntarily causing severe injuries through the use of dangerous means or instruments, along with charges for causing hurt intentionally.

The formal FIR against the attackers was lodged by Waluj police on Wednesday evening, initiated by Nade’s complaint. According to Nade, the dispute unfolded when he engaged in a heated argument with Ganesh and Dnyaneshwar Bodkhe. The disagreement arose as they objected to Nade removing his footwear outside the Bhavani Mata temple, situated in the proximity of the Jikthan gram panchayat.

As the confrontation escalated, the Bodkhe duo resorted to physical violence, resulting in Nade sustaining severe injuries, particularly to his eye due to a forceful punch. The incident underscores the significance of addressing concerns related to personal space and religious practices to prevent such unfortunate altercations in public spaces.

The arrested individuals are now facing legal consequences for their actions, as law enforcement authorities work to ensure justice for the victim, Bhalchandra Nade. This incident serves as a reminder of the need for peaceful coexistence and respect for diverse practices within communal spaces.