Maharashtra: Schools Cannot Relocate To New Place Sans Permission From Education Department

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Pune, 29 July 021: In a new diktat, the Maharashtra State Education Department has said that the schools cannot relocate to newer locations by giving paltry reasons. If a school has to relocate to a new place, it can do so after fulfilling the norms laid by the department.

Apparently, it was seen that many schools got relocated without informing the department. There are 1.10 lakh schools in the state. Schools get relocated due to various reasons but it at times hampers the education of underprivileged students.

Thus, taking the steps owing to the rising urbanisation in the state, the government has laid down a few criteria without which the schools cannot relocate to new place.

Criteria for relocation

  • If the school building is in dilapidated state
  • If it has suffered from natural calamity
  • Inadequate facilities
  • If the school exceeds the number of students over number of classrooms
  • If the lease of the school has got over and owner not ready to renew it
  • Shifting from rented premises to own premises