Mahindra launches “miniSMART”, an Android based diagnostic solution for workshops

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  • Becomes first OEM in India to launch wireless, smart phone enabled workshop diagnostic solution
  • Marks a paradigm shift in workshop diagnostics
  • Lowers ownership cost to a fraction compared to traditional laptop based solution

Mumbai, December 22, 2015: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M Ltd.), India’s leading SUV manufacturer, recently announced the launch of miniSMART, a smart phone/android based and cloud enabled diagnostic solution for workshops. Mahindra is the first OEM in India to launch such a technology for workshop diagnostics that effectively brings down the cost of ownership for Mahindra vehicles.

An advanced solution to troubleshoot vehicle systems, miniSMART, marks a paradigm shift in the field of workshop diagnostics – from heavy laptops and expensive wired vehicle interface devices to low cost smart phones and wireless vehicle interface devices having cloud based authentication. Mahindra’s miniSMART will enable its dealers to equip workshop technicians and supervisors with advanced tools at a fraction of the Standy_RD_3_41115cost of traditional laptop based solutions.

According to Pravin Shah, President & Chief Executive (Automotive), Mahindra & Mahindra, “At Mahindra we have always been committed to introducing newer technological innovations, in an endeavour to  create an enriched user experience and provide better value to our customers. The launch of miniSMART is one such example. It is in line with our Rise philosophy of driving positive change by enriching our product experience through technology at a fraction of the earlier ownership cost. Having said that, I am confident that both the cost as well as the wireless attributes of miniSMART would be a key differentiator for Mahindra dealers.”

Srinivas Aravapalli, Head Vehicle Systems, and Principal Chief Engineer, Mahindra & Mahindra said “miniSMART, will empower Mahindra’s highly-trained vehicle technicians to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot faults in various complex vehicle systems, thereby resulting in faster turnaround time of Mahindra vehicles at its workshops. Further this will lead to a better ownership experience for Mahindra customers and a reduced life time ownership cost.”

SMART stands for – System Monitoring And Reporting Tool. miniSMART is a complete Diagnostic solution which includes:

ü  Android App

ü  Wireless Bluetooth VCI

ü  Cloud Support