Man Climbs Water Tank To Protest Against Pune Ring Road Project At Rajgurunagar

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Mrunal Jadhav

Rajgurunagar, 6th July 2021: The administration did not give attention to the agitation opposing the Pune ring road passing through 12 villages in the Khed taluka. Therefore, around 6 am today Patilbuwa Gawari, chairman of the action committee of the anti-ring road and anti-highspeed railway project tried to commit suicide by going on the water tank in front of the sub-divisional office at Rajgurunagar.

After protesting for eight days, no one took them seriously therefore Gawari started the agitation by climbing on a water tank to protest against the land acquisition process. His agitation sent shockwaves through the revenue department and the police administration.

Meanwhile, citizens of Rajgurunagar town had gathered at the protest site. Police Inspector Satish Gurav, Assistant Inspector Rahul Lad, Sandeep Bhapkar were present at the spot. Despite many requests, Gawari did not come down.

Twelve villages in the taluka viz. Khalumbre, Nighoje, Kuruli, Moi, Chimbali, Kelgaon, Alandi, Charholi, Dhanore, Solu, Markal and Golegaon have strongly protested.

The “Dnyaneshwari Vachan Chakri Uposhan” has been going on for the last nine days but the administration has not taken notice of it. Therefore, the committee has intensified the agitation.

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