Maratha Agitation Ends as Maharashtra Government Concedes to Demands

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Navi Mumbai, 27th January 2024: Following the Maharashtra state government’s acceptance of all their demands, Manoj Jarange Patil, the prominent leader of the Maratha community, addressed the media today. In a press conference, Patil humbly attributed the victory not to himself but to the collective strength of the Maratha community. He announced the immediate withdrawal of the agitation in light of the government’s concessions.


The Marathas, marching towards Mumbai, witnessed the passage of a crucial ordinance. Patil declared it a triumph for the Maratha community, highlighting that the ordinance addresses the withdrawal of criminal charges and other issues. A total of seven to eight ordinances were passed, leading to the satisfaction of the community. Patil mentioned that Chief Minister Eknath Shinde will oversee the implementation of these ordinances, after which the agitation will be officially withdrawn.


The decision to march towards Mumbai proved instrumental as it compelled the government to take swift action through the issuance of the ordinances. The Maratha community, elated by this development, is planning a grand victory meeting.


Expressing joy over the historic victory, Patil stated, “Success has come after many years. It is a historic victory. Therefore, we are suspending the agitation immediately.”