Maratha Reservation March: Bombay High Court Issues Notice to Manoj Jarange Patil, Warns Against Unauthorized Entry Into Mumbai

Bombay High Court

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Mumbai, 24th January 2024: The Bombay High Court has directed Maratha reservation movement leader, Manoj Jarange Patil, to appear in court following a petition filed by Gunaratna Sadavarte, opposing his ‘unauthorized’ march to Mumbai. The High Court criticized the state government’s handling of the agitation and emphasized the need to halt the unauthorized march.

Jarange Patil is leading a march towards Mumbai alongside fellow Maratha activists. The High Court held a hearing in response to Sadavarte’s petition challenging Jarange’s protest.

Reportedly, the High Court not only expressed strong disapproval of the state government’s handling of Jarange’s agitation but also issued a notice to him. In response, Jarange stated, “Our lawyers will present our case in court, and we believe justice will prevail.”

Sadavarte highlighted the Supreme Court’s rejection of the Maratha community’s backwardness and emphasized that Supreme Court judgments hold the weight of law under Article 144. The court unequivocally instructed Jarange to appear and justified the need for a legal application for organizing the march.

Sadavarte stated, “The court clearly said that without a proper application, the march cannot proceed. The law is paramount, and Jarange Patil is not above it. He lacks legal standing to enter Mumbai without authorization, and action by the police may be required. The responsibility lies with the Director General of Police, Azad Maidan Police, and DCP Munde. It’s imperative to follow the law rather than ministerial statements.”