No Party in Pune: Over 110 Club Licenses Suspended, Reopening After 10 Days

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Reported by Sumit Singh

Pune, 28th May 2024: In the aftermath of a fatal Porsche accident in Kalyani Nagar on May 19th, the Pune Excise Department has taken decisive action, suspending the licenses of 112 clubs and bars across the city. The suspensions will remain in effect until June 7th, pending further review by district collector Suhas divase.

The Pune district collector’s office has announced that hearings will begin on June 6th, 2024. During these sessions, the collector will decide whether to maintain the suspensions, permanently cancel the licenses, or allow the clubs to reopen.

Among the establishments affected are popular venues such as The Miller’s, Demora, Elephant, Ballr, 2BHK, and Water’s. These clubs have been sealed and will only reopen if permitted by the district collector following scheduled hearings.

The tragic accident, which occurred last Sunday, involved a minor who had been served alcohol at two pubs—Cosie and Blak Club—before driving a Porsche at over 160 km per hour, resulting in the deaths of two IT professionals. This incident prompted a comprehensive review of compliance with excise regulations across Pune.

In addition to the 112 suspensions, the district collector permanently revoked the licenses of six rooftop clubs on May 27th. This action underscores the authorities’ commitment to enforcing excise laws and ensuring public safety.

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An official from the excise department told Punekar News, “We are determined to address these violations rigorously. The hearings will be thorough, and we will take all necessary steps to uphold the law.”