Mask, effectively protecting humans against the pandemic, poses a threat to wildlife

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Washington, January 16, 2021: During the coronavirus pandemic, masks are proving to be harmful and deadly to wildlife, birds, and aquatic life. Ever since masks have been mandated in public places to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection, they have been strewn carelessly on roads, waters, and beaches around the world. The thin protective material worn once takes hundreds of years to decompose.

Ashley Fruno of animal rights group PETA said, “The use of face masks is not going to end soon but when we throw it away after using it, it can harm the environment and animals.”

On the outskirts of Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, baboons were seen chewing masks. At the same time, the leg of a bird was stuck in a mask for a week in Chelmsford City, UK. The Animal Welfare Charity has made people aware of the incident. When the bird was found by the charity, it was in a state of unconsciousness due to its legs being tied; it was immediately taken to the wildlife hospital.

According to OceansAsia, a group working for the environment, more than 1.5 billion masks were thrown into the seas last year.