Massive Kunbi Maratha Record Revelation: 140,000 Entries Unearthed in Pune District

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Pune, 24th November 2023: The district administration reported on Thursday (23rd) that approximately 2.4 lakh records from various sources have been scrutinized in the Pune district to identify these Kunbi records. Over the past ten months, before the formal initiation of the Kunbi record verification process, 12,254 Kunbi Maratha records were identified in the Pune district.

The directive from the Maharashtra state government, prompted by the heightened agitation for Maratha community reservation, mandated all district collectors to verify Maratha Kunbi’s records in the revenue department’s records across the state.

Pune District Collector Dr Rajesh Deshmukh established committees in all talukas for the verification of taluk-level documents, with ongoing verification efforts.

The current verification focuses on records before 1967 and is actively conducted in six talukas: Junnar, Khed, Ambegaon, Shirur, Haveli, and Maval, out of the thirteen talukas in the district. The district administration highlighted a significant number of Kunbi entries in school certificates, and birth and death records.

The verification process involves examining records across thirteen document types, including School Leaving Certificates, Excerpts of 7/12 and 8 ‘A’, Birth and Death Records, Purchase and Sale Deeds, KDE Patrak, Khasra Patrak with Gram Panchayat and Revenue Book, Inspection Sheets, Descent Registers, Registration of Rights, Crime Records in the Police Department, Crime Records in the Railway Police Department, Farm-wise Tables, and Records of Bhor Sansthan (erstwhile Bhor state) . The district administration is meticulously checking records held by various departments, including representatives of Sansthan of Bhor.

This thorough investigation has revealed Kunbi records even in the archives of Bhor Sansthan, underscoring the widespread nature of these entries across different record repositories in the district.