Massive Protests Outside Chinese Embassy And Consulates In UK Against Killing And Persecution Of Uyghurs In China

Uyghur london protest
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London, 13 November 2021: Protestors in large numbers assembled outside the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in the UK demanding China to stop tortures of Uyghur Muslims.

The Chinese authorities have been forcing them into concentration camps, raping women, sterilizing the Muslim population, shutting down mosques, banning Quran and Azaan, forceful marriages of Uyghur daughters, seizures of Uyghur houses and businesses and using the Uyghurs for organ harvesting.

Meanwhile, Pakistan that claims to be the leader of the Muslim world had through its Prime Minister, Imran Khan disowned the Uyghur Muslims. 

The Pakistani Prime Minister had stated in a televised interview in July “Our interaction with Chinese officials, that version of what is happening in Xinjiang is completely different to the version of what we hear from the Western media and the Western governments.

Because we have a very strong relationship with China, and because we have a relationship based on trust, so we actually accept the Chinese version. What they say about their programmes in Xinjiang, we accept it.” 

The protest was organized by a coalition of 50 plus Muslim organizations comprised of Imams, Lawyers, religious teachers, students, etc. The speakers criticized the US for being complicit with China on the Uyghur issue and adding several Ughur Organizations to the terrorist list.

The speakers pointed out that the people of East Turkistan do not speak Chinese rather they speak and write Arabic as they are the original Turks from where they migrated across Central Asia and settled in Turkey. They lamented that Muslim countries have turned a blind eye towards the Uyghur issue who are being persecuted like the Jews in Hitler’s Germany. They also demanded to welcome the Uyghur refugees in the UK and provide them with all support.

Akbar Khan, the Labour Party MP stated that “what we have today is a large gathering for a protest outside the Consulate of China. Its the concern of these Mancunians about the treatment of Uyghurs in China. Now this issue, of course, is now mounting to Genocide. And that is not acceptable.”

The protest that lasted for around 04 hours began and ended by offering prayers (Namaz) outside the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in the UK.