Green Eyed Girl Sharbat Gula Evacuated From Afghanistan,Will Stay In Italy Now

sharbat gula
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New Delhi, 26th November 2021: Sharbat Gula, who became famous worldwide after appearing on the cover of National Geographic, was evacuated from Afghanistan to Italy. The Italian government said on Thursday that the Sharbat has been brought to Rome as part of a campaign being run by Western countries to evacuate civilians from Afghanistan.

National Geographic had featured a picture of the Sharbat on its cover page. She became famous all over the world because of her green eyes.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s office said Sharbat Gula had asked for help leaving the country, AFP reported. Following her request, Italy arranged for Gula to be brought from Afghanistan. It has been said in the statement that now the Italian government will help in bringing the life of Sharbat back on track.

The Sharbat was photographed by Steve Macri, a photographer reporting on the war in 1984, during the Afghan War. After the picture appeared on the cover of the magazine, Sharbat became popular worldwide because of her green eyes. Macri again traced her in 2002.

In 2014, Sharbat appeared in Pakistan but the authorities accused her of obtaining a fake Pakistani identity and ordered her to be sent back to Afghanistan. After that, she went into hiding. Later she was airlifted to Kabul. She was honoured at the Presidential Palace on her arrival in Afghanistan. The President assigned her a new apartment to live in.

After the establishment of Taliban rule over Afghanistan, many countries of Europe including Italy are evacuating refugees and needy people from Afghanistan. NGOs and civil society workers in Afghanistan had supported Gula’s request to be taken out after which Italy took steps in this direction.