Central Railway To Introduce Refurbished Vistadome Coach In Deccan Queen Express From 15th  August 2021

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Mumbai, 14 Aug 2021: Matunga Workshop of Central Railway provides the refurbished & decorative Vistadome Coach to the Deccan Queen Express. This Vistadome coach being attached to Mumbai – Pune Deccan Queen Express from 15th August 2021.

The Vistadome Coach no. 17169 turned out from Matunga Workshop after Periodical Over Hauling, Refurbished with Decorative vinyl wrapping at doorway, observations area with improved aesthetics, painted with a new vibrant colour scheme and both the lavatories upgraded with standard fittings. External of coach being painted with vibrant colour has imprinted with the sketch of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Building, while inside the coach for the new head rest covers provided on seats matching the new color scheme. For the benefit of the travelers the Vistadome coach in Deccan Queen Express also being provided with microwave, hot case, deep freezer and coffee maker.

Due to the huge demand from the passengers, the Second Vistadome Coach Being Introduced on Mumbai -Pune Route, in Deccan Queen Express i.e  in Train No. 02123/02124 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai – Pune – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai Deccan Queen Superfast Express special train from 15.8.2021., prior to that from 26.6.2021, the first Vistadome coach was introduced on  this route by Train No. 01007/01008 CSMT-Pune-CSMT Deccan Express special train with effect from 26.6.2021.

The overwhelming response by the passengers of Mumbai – Pune route can be elucidated from the fact that a day earlier the reservation for the Vistadome coach to be introduced in Deccan Queen Express  was already full with Waiting list 12. Such is the popularity of the Vistadome coach as one can enjoy through the wide window the breathtaking views of Western Ghats, the valleys, rivers and waterfalls.