Meet India’s commando couple who have trained over 15,000 soliders/policemen in counter-terrorism techniques

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Honorary Major Dr DEEPAK RAO is Indian Pioneer of modern close quarter battle training his wife Dr SEEMA RAO is India’s only and first woman commando trainer.

Hon. Major. Rao is an officer in elite Parachute Regiment TABN for his outstanding contribution to CQB modernization beyond the call of duty for 18 years.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has appointed them as Resource Persons for CQB Trg for Indian Police. Major Rao has trained Police of 12 states

The Raos specialised in a relatively new subject CQB. Close Quarter Battle (CQB) is the art of fighting the enemy at close quarters and is everything to do with small commando teams acting as force multipliers in special operations. Today’s Counter Terror Training & Urban combat is all about CQB.

As Guest Trainers, The Raos spent their life researching and developing various CQB skills for the use of their country’s forces.

They are so talented and skilled in CQB, that they was called by various Service Chiefs and Force Chiefs to impart innovative CQB training
They trained 15000 soldeirs from almost every elite Indian force in modern Close Quarter Battle for 18 years without accepting any compensation, as a Selfless service to the Nation.

Indian army special forces, Para, Commando wing, Black cat NSG, Air commando Garud, Naval Marcos, Itbp, Bsf, etc have all been trained by Raos in CQB.

Based on their experience in training Indian forces, the Raos developed an indigenous method of Reflex Shooting which was found useful in modernization. Raos were invited by the Army Commanders to impart this modern reflex shooting to Corps Battle schools in relevant commands. This indigenous Indian research is now replacing outdated British WW-II methods.

Today India faces a new terror challenge in Urban areas, where Indian forces have to fight Terrorists at Close Quarters amidst civilians and concrete structures. There is a serious need for modern CQB training all over the world. In India, The Raos are responsible for modernizing CQB training and spreading CQB training all over the country, without charging the Indian govt a single rupee for their contribution.

They were highly commended with 3 Army Chief Citations, US President George Bushs Volunteer Service Award & World Peace Diplomat Award for their service to Nation as well as US Hall Of Fame for lifetime achievement in Law Enforcement training.

Raos authored the first Encyclopedia on Close Quarter Battle Training in the world specially for use of Indian forces. This book was distributed by Home Ministry and also found place in libraries of the FBI, INTERPOL & SWAT

Seema has been featured as a woman of substance in many mags like SOCIETY, FEMINA, SAVVY, NEW WOMAN.

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