Mercedes-Benz introduces an innovative ‘Marketplace’ platform; aims at scaling up its pre-owned car business in India


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Pune, 12 August 2021: India’s largest luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz today announced the launch of an innovative ‘direct customer to customer’ selling platform called ‘Marketplace’. It provides both buyers and sellers of ‘Marketplace’ distinct benefits related to best price guarantee, enhanced inventory of certified vehicles available online, ease of transaction, a hassle-free experience and complete transparency in the entire process.

With this transparent, hassle-free and customer centric approach, Mercedes-Benz India wants to make the selling of a car as enjoyable as purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz Marketplace is an ideal platform for sellers who seek the best value for their existing cars and looking for an upgrade to a Mercedes-Benz. Furthermore, Marketplace will offer the best price to the seller with a hassle-free experience and complete peace of mind.

With Marketplace, the buyer of a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz gets benefitted with a wider range of certified cars to choose from and upgrade, having complete transparency and assurance of the best value. Mercedes-Benz is the first luxury car manufacturer to provide such a unique solution, which takes care of the need of both the existing owners and that of potential buyers.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Martin Schwenk, Managing Director & CEO Mercedes-Benz India, said, “Following our motto of ‘reimagining excellence’ we want to create an enhanced luxury experience for luxury aspirants who wishes to upgrade to a Mercedes-Benz. Marketplace’s direct customer-to-customer model will provide discerning sellers and buyers the most transparent, hassle-free and convenient platform to sell existing car and upgrade. With this initiative, we create a win-win scenario for customers and an opportunity for our franchise partners to scale-up their pre-owned and new car business by offering a luxury brand experience. Marketplace will continue to set new benchmarks in terms of transparency, efficiency and customer centricity in the entire luxury pre-owned car business.”

Benefits to the customer:


· The best price guarantee for seller

· Complete transparency between seller-buyer and the entire process

· Ease of transaction: Upload vehicle details on Mercedes-Benz Marketplace online or at preferred franchise partners’ showroom (offline) and request for the best price to sell the car

· One-stop solution including flexible solutions with brand benefits


· An enhanced inventory now available through online platform integration, giving access to large number of vehicles to choose from

· Complete transparency and hassle-free car purchase experience with added services of luxury brand

Benefits to the franchise partners:

· Potential growth opportunity for both new car and pre-owned car business, with possible upgrade to a new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz

· Opportunity to provide a luxury brand service to both the seller and buyer- hitherto unavailable to customers in the unorganized market

Benefits for Mercedes-Benz India:

· Create customer loyalty by offering the best possible price, larger inventory, transparency, hassle-free process and a seamless luxury experience

· Opportunity to scale-up new and pre-owned business, by procuring very high quality pre-owned Mercedes-Benz cars from existing owners

Marketplace expected to boost pre-owned car business and online penetration:

The online penetration for used cars currently remains at 20% and with Marketplace; the penetration is estimated to further increase to 30%. Mercedes-Benz Marketplace effectively uses the potential offered by the online platform to provide complete transparency to sellers and buyers of Mercedes-Benz pre owned cars.

How Marketplace works:

Through the entire process, Mercedes-Benz Marketplace offers the seller, transparency at every step. The seller can update vehicle details in few easy steps on Roadster under “Sell your Car” or “Trade-in” module with the expected value for their

car. Mercedes-Benz dealership then takes care of the processes such as evaluation of the car, generating buyer leads, arranging for test drive of the car, ensuring completion of transactions between the buyer and the seller, thereby offering peace of mind to both individuals.