Ministry of School Education to Monitor Private Schools’ Admissions Under RTE Act

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Pune, 11th June 2024: The Ministry of School Education will now focus on private schools that admit 25 % of students under the reserved seats mandated by the Right to Education Act (RTE). There are cases where students admitted through this program experience the behaviour and education imparted in private schools. A few days after the completion of the admission process, the education officer will make a surprise visit to these schools. Therefore, private schools need to remain vigilant.

The Ministry of School Education conducts a central admission process for these schools. The online draw was held on Friday (7th June). At that time, Education Commissioner Suraj Mandhare said, “Complaints are coming to the Ministry of School Education that the students admitted to the RTE seats are receiving secondary treatment in private schools. Therefore, after the completion of this process, the concerned schools will be inspected suddenly after a few days.”

This year, the RTE admission process has received a good response. 2,42,879 applications have been received for seats in 9,217 schools in Maharashtra. 1,05,399 students will be admitted through this process. These admissions are determined through an online draw. There should be no doubt about this process. If anyone has doubts about this system, it should be brought to the attention of the Education Department at the earliest. Education Commissioner Mandhare also mentioned that such concerns will be addressed promptly.

Bogus documents are often submitted by parents during this process. The Ministry of School Education will take strict steps to stop this type of behaviour. Education Commissioner Mandhare said, “The documents required for admission are going to be checked closely this year. Necessary instructions will be given to the concerned education authorities in this regard.”