Pune: 44 Stalls Removed From Sai Chowk Behind Khadki Railway Station To Ease Traffic Congestion

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Range Hills, 12th January 2024: In a collaborative effort between the Khadki Cantonment Board and Pune Municipal Corporation, a successful anti-encroachment drive was conducted at Sai Chowk on Aundh Road. The operation aimed at addressing the persistent issue of traffic congestion caused by 44 stalls encroaching on the square.

The area in question falls within the boundaries of both Khadki Cantonment and Pune Municipal Corporation and is situated behind the Khadki railway station. Sai Chowk serves as a crucial junction for residents of Aundh and Bopodi, making it a high-traffic zone.

For years, the encroachment of 44 stalls had been a cause of concern, leading to substantial traffic congestion. Following multiple complaints received by Pune District Collector, joint instructions were carried out by the Khadki Cantonment Board and Pune Municipal Corporation to address the issue. Seeking cooperation, the Khadki Cantonment CEO Robin Baleja reached out to Pune Municipal Corporation for assistance in both the anti-encroachment action and road repairs.

Responding positively, the Municipal Commissioner pledged the necessary cooperation, and a joint operation was executed today. All 44 encroaching stalls were successfully removed, liberating Sai Chowk from congestion. The action was taken under the guidance of PMC Additional Commissioner Vikas Dhakane.

To further alleviate traffic woes, the accessible road will undergo immediate widening through asphalt work tonight. The existing 12-meter-wide road is slated to be expanded to approximately 24 meters, providing a significant relief to the ongoing traffic congestion.