More than 500 COVID cases in Khadki, Know the Containment zones 

Mohalla Clinic in Khadki.

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 25 July 2020: With 17 new Coronavirus Disease (COVID19) cases yesterday, the total tally of positive patients reached 514 in the Khadki Cantonment Board (KCB) area. Out of 514, a total of 313 people have been cured while 17 have died.


According to KCB, there are still 184 active patients undergoing treatment. 69 of them are admitted to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Cantonment General Hospital in Khadki, while others are admitted in different hospitals in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad. There are 267 people under home quarantine while 1216 have completed the quarantine period.


Micro-containment zones in Khadki  

KCB Chief Executive Officer Pramod Kumar Singh has declared following areas as micro-containment zones for 14 days from July 23. 

  • A portion of Civil Area junction of Hule Road & Ordnance Road to H. No.95. Old Bazar, then up to lane between H. No.97,0ld Bazar & H. No. 98, Old Bazar then up to H. No.121,0ld Bazar then from Backside of H. No.121, Old bazaar up to H. No.126, Old Bazar then through lane up to H. No.151, Old Bazar then up to Surti Mohalla Group Latrine then along lane up to H. No.154, Old Bazar then up to the junction of Hule Road & Ordnance Road As per Plan showing Micro- Containment Zone. 

        A portion of Civil Area consisting H. No.301 to 310, Old Bazar                                                          

  • A portion of Civil Area consisting Arun Kumar Vaidya Vasahat Area om compound wall of Cantonment quarters at Surti Mohalla along the boundary of Civil Area up to BBP 18, then towards north along Civil Area Boundary Up to H. No. 125, Old Bazar, Khadki and then turning on the lane up to H. No.150 Old Bazar & then tuning up to Group latrine at Surti Mohalla & then up to Compound Wall of Cantonment Quarters at Surti Mohalla then along Compound Wall up to the Boundary of Civil Area. As per Plan showing Micro-Containment Zone.
  •  A portion of Civil Area Consisting House No.1, New Bazar to 9, New Bazar Khadki
  •  A portion of Civil Area Consisting of GLR Sy.No. 27/2 (Part), Mahadev Wadi Vasahat
  • A portion of Civil Area consisting House No. 469-B & 470, Old Bazar, Khadki

The KCB has planned following activities for in the containment zones for detection of COVID patients:


  •  Mohalla Clinics or medical tests and screening by the Medical officer.
  •  Laboratory tests of all the suspected cases.
  •  Asha, Anganwadi health workers (male & female) shall be deputed for the house to house survey.
  •  Issue of instructions to all the symptomatic cases and their other family members about the CoronaVirus. 
  •  Listing of all Government and Private health centres and informing about the detection of positive cases to the Cantonment Hospital.
  •  All the close contacts of Positive cases shall be observed by a medical officer for 28 days.
  •  The entire contact list at residential areas, official places, etc shall be traced and informed to the concerned District Authorities.
  •  Identification of all the individuals of the contact list for medical examination and also Google mapping of the list.
  •  Preparation of High Risk & Low-Risk list of the contacts of the positive patient for Home Quarantine and Public Quarantine. 
  • Swab test of all ILI/SARI patients identified in the zone.
  •  Submission of a daily list of patients of Government and Private health centres to the Cantonment Hospital. 
  •  Public announcement for Social distancing.
  • Except for essential services all the other activities shall be closed in the micro-Containment zone. Concerned Police Station be informed and shall depute sufficient police staff in the Zone. 
  •  All the staff deputed for essential services in the Micro-Containment Zone shall take all the precautionary measures of wearing a mask and social distancing, etc.
  • Essential check-up of anybody going out of the perimeter of the Zone.
  • Proper sanitization of the vehicles going out of the perimeter of the Zone.
  •  Proper staff at the check posts in all 03 shifts 
  •  Display of banners on the check posts informing all the precautionary & preventive measures.
  • Distribution of handbills and a public announcement regarding precautionary & preventive measures for spread of CoronaVirus.
  • House to house survey by the medical team for identification of suspects and other public announcements.
  •  Public awareness through handbills, public announcement, newspapers, SMS, a local cable network. 
  •  Establishment of a control room in the Micro-Containment Zone
  •  Taking all the Police help and assistance for effective control in the Zone
  •  Deputing a Nodal officer in the Micro-Containment Zone.