Mother and Daughter get married in the same wedding hall in UP

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Mrunal Jadhav

Uttar Pradesh, December 11, 2020: In Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, under the Chief Minister’s Collective Marriage Scheme, both mother and daughter were married in the same marriage hall. While daughter Indu was married to a man known as Rahul her 53-year-old mother Bela Devi married her 55-year-old unmarried brother-in-law Jagdish.

A total of 63 couples got married in the mass wedding event held at Piprauli block in Gorakhpur and one of them is a Muslim couple. Bela and Jagdish’s marriage caught everyone’s attention. Jagdish, 55, of Kumaul village in Piprauli block, is the youngest of three brothers. He does farming in the village and didn’t marry anyone till now.

His elder brother Harihar died almost 25 years ago. He had two sons and three daughters. His wife Bela Devi taught and took care of their children. She also got her two sons and two daughters married. The third and youngest daughter, Indu, was scheduled to be married at a mass wedding event held at Piprauli block, while Jagdish and Bela also took a big decision to get married.

Both of them consulted their children and the villagers about this and everyone agreed. After this, on Thursday, Bela and Jagdish got married in the same wedding hall along with Indu and Rahul. BDO Dr CS Kushwaha, Satyapal Singh, Ramesh Dwivedi, Brijesh Yadav, Ratan Singh, Sunil Pandey and many officials were present during this unique wedding ceremony.

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