Mrs. Maharashtra 2016-Body Beautiful Winner is a Go Getter

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Pune, November 2016: Rutuja Hurne Dahanukar, who won the Mrs. Maharashtra 2016-Body Beautiful Winner award recently alludes her victory to her training and family values imbibed in her by her father and mother. She says, “My father is an entrepreneur, who runs a 60 year old business in Nanded. From day one he gave me and my two older sisters, the freedom to pursue our dreams.” She calls herself a makeup artist by passion and an entrepreneur by choice.

Speaking about her decision to take part in the beauty pageant, she says, “It was due to the active support of my husband Ankit Dahanukar, in-laws and my friend and ex-boss Trishla Rane, the CEO and Founder of 4th Dimension media that I took part in the contest.” She adds, “During my Internship, I had won awards in the company, but this was the first time I was taking part in a contest with a number of people watching me.”

Talking about her experiences at the pageant, Rutuja says “For me the pageant was an eye opener, it gave me an opportunity to interact with other contestants who came from different backgrounds. For me the real credit also should be given to Karl and Anjana Mascarenhas, of Diva Events, who conceptualized and made the pageant come alive.”

She adds, “To me the real essence of the pageant was brought out during the final four days of the pageant, where we had a talent round, where all the participants showed their extra-curricular talents.”

Rutuja has been an all rounder all her life having played badminton at the state level and basketball at the district level. For her the victory at the pageant is a small step to her future endeavor, and that is to open a beauty salon. She says, “My plan of opening a salon is gaining fruition with me already actively looking at places to open the same. I hope to open the Salon by year end.” She adds, “I am looking to carry forward my father’s legacy of not only being a good businessman but also a great social worker.”