MSEDCL’s Diwali Advisory to Pune: Electrical Safety Measures and a Plea to Clear Rs 203 Crores Dues

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Pune, 7th November 2023: With the festival of Diwali just around the corner, people are eagerly preparing to celebrate. While the festival is synonymous with lights, decorations, and fireworks, the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) has issued a critical reminder to prioritize electrical safety during the festivities.

MSEDCL has urged the public to exercise caution not only with public power systems but also with household electrical appliances. As the power system in public places contains high and low-voltage overhead power lines, rotors, and feeder pillars, it is essential to maintain a safe distance from these structures while bursting fireworks. Ensuring there is no risk of fire to the public power system during fireworks displays is crucial. Firecrackers, fuse boxes, feeder pillars, and ring main units should not be burst, and no waste should be thrown or burnt in these areas. Additionally, avoid firing rockets under power lines that may come into contact with or pose a hazard to the lines. It is recommended to fire fireworks in open spaces. In case of fire, hazards, or power failures, MSEDCL has provided a 24-hour call centre reachable at 1800-212-3435 or 1800-233-3435, as well as a toll-free number, 1912.

When it comes to household electrical appliances, ensure that the electrical wiring of lamps is of high quality for lighting your home or building. Poor quality electrical wires, lamps, or sockets can pose a danger. Verify proper earthing for your house or building. If you plan to install sky lanterns outdoors, avoid using broken wires or secure them with good-quality insulation tape. Keep oil lamps at a safe distance from electrical outlets, and never overload electrical sockets. When using sky lanterns or lamp strings, avoid pushing wires directly into the plug holes with matchsticks, as it can lead to sparking and potential fire hazards. Wires from electric lamps and sky lanterns should be kept away from the iron grating in the gallery, iron staircases, or any other iron objects. Ensure that these wires are intact and not attached to the tape.

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In addition to promoting safety, MSEDCL has emphasized the importance of paying electricity bills. The company, like all customers, relies on bill payments as its main source of revenue. The Pune regional division currently faces significant outstanding dues from various customer categories. Pune District owes Rs. 203 crore 11 lakh, Satara Rs. 22 crore 51 lakhs, Sangli owes 28 crores 99 lakhs, and Kolhapur District has an outstanding amount of Rs. 32 crores 3 lakhs. The accumulation of arrears has placed MSEDCL’s financial position in a critical state.

Pune Regional Director Ankush Nale has appealed to customers to brighten Diwali for MSEDCL, which provides relentless services for a seamless power supply, by ensuring they pay their full dues.