Mukul Madhav Foundation supports Prajwlala to fight Human Trafficking

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Pune, 04th August 2020:  Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery that affects every demographic worldwide. Sex trafficking is one of the ugliest truths of our society. A truth that often comes dressed in layers of entertainment, glamour and ignorance. But this grave human right’s violation needs to be spoken about for what it is. Not just because it’s the right thing to do but because there are millions of individuals who woke up this morning, only to breathe life into this truth.


The campaign built by Mukul Madhav Foundation is bold and in your face, calling out sex trafficking for what it is. Mukul Madhav Foundation has taken this bold unconventional route to hit people hard, raise awareness and drive a change in their mindset.  We often tend to ignore the ugly truth and hence the campaign attempts to bring it to the forefront. 


Sunitha Krishnan, Founder, Prajwala says, “For far too long we have tolerated this crime either by our apathy or our silence. Over the years this scourge has destroyed millions of lives worldwide. We cannot hide it under the carpet anymore.


We need to confront it head on and in that course perhaps challenge our own attitudes and perceptions. Prajwala joins hands with MMF & Schbang For Good to kickstart a campaign that will force us to look within…a campaign to collective our strength and a campaign to proclaim ‘zero tolerance’ to this modern-day form of slavery”.


Through this campaign designed by Schbang For Good, Harshil Karia, Founder at Schbang says “we want to raise awareness about how plagued our society is with this issue and how many innocent lives we sacrifice to flesh trade every single year.” The campaign seeks to get people to support the initiative and turn awareness to action.


Every donation helps prevent, protect, rescue, rehabilitate & reintegrate the victims of sex trafficking in India Help us shape a world where we systematically break free from the shackles of sex trafficking so we no longer lose innocents to the dehumanizing flesh trade