Mumbai’s Aavya Gupta Mesmerizes Judges with Her Bharatnatyam Skills, Receives Special Award

Aavya Gupta dance
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Mumbai, 16th June 2023: Young Aavya Gupta, a resident of Mumbai, has triumphed in the world of dance, bringing pride not only to the bustling city but also to the entire state of Maharashtra.

Aavya, a prodigious 7-year-old, has been bestowed with the prestigious Special Appreciation Award for her mesmerizing Bharatnatyam performance at the renowned All India Dance Drama Competition.

The 68th edition of the highly anticipated event, organized by the All India Artist Association, spanned from June 6 to June 10 and took place in the enchanting city of Shimla. Drawing participants from 19 states, the competition witnessed a staggering attendance of 380 talented artists.

Dance Aavya Gupta Bharatnatyam

Amongst the multitude of contestants hailing from Maharashtra, young Aavya Gupta, in the sub-junior category, stood out as the youngest participant in the entire competition. Enthralled by the melodic allure and graceful movements of South Indian classical music and dance, Aavya dedicated herself to the art of Bharatnatyam under the tutelage of esteemed Guru Shubham Khowal for the past two years.

To mark her first performance, Aavya’s Guruji organized a solemn Ghungroo worship ceremony at the revered Kalibari temple in Shimla, seeking blessings from the deity Maa Kali. The ritual held immense significance as the ghungroos, the traditional ankle bells, hold a sacred place in this classical dance form.

Currently a diligent second-grade student at Rajhans Vidyalaya School in Mumbai, Aavya’s exceptional display on stage evoked overwhelming admiration from the dance community. Artists and patrons of this revered art form extended their heartfelt congratulations to Aavya, recognizing her outstanding achievement.

With their blessings and encouragement, Aavya envisions a future filled with boundless opportunities to refine her craft and scale new heights in the realm of Bharatnatyam.