Munawwar Faruqui’s Mother Had Committed Suicide By Drinking Acid, Told The Painful Story Of A Loan Of Rs 3500

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Mumbai, 18th April 2022: In the Kangana Ranaut hosted show Lockup, Munawwar Faruqui has made a painful disclosure related to his mother. Munawwar told that in 2007 his mother committed suicide by drinking acid.


He told that those times were very difficult. To survive, even the utensils of the house had to be sold. The mother had a debt burden of Rs 3500. Munavvar wept while telling that his mother always suffered at home and he regrets many things. Munawar says that today he is earning so much money but it is of no use to him. He told that it was not the only reason that his mother gave her life.


Munawwar Faruqui opened such a secret among his colleagues in the lockup that everyone became emotional. Munawwar said, “in January 2007, my grandmother woke me up at 7 in the morning. She told me that something happened to my mother and she has been taken to the hospital.


When I reached the hospital, my mother was taken out to the emergency room. She was holding her stomach and was screaming in pain. My father, sisters, elder father, and elder mother were all there but no one knew what happened. She was taken to a major hospital.”


He further continued, “my Khala’s daughter was a nurse in that hospital. After a while, my elder mother took me to the shore and told me, my mother drank acid. I asked him why didn’t she tell earlier? to which she said, we would all get in trouble.”


Munavvar says, “I still regret that if I had slept with my mother like every night, she would have been alive. There was some festival and I slept with my grandmother.”


It was written in the postmortem report that my mother had not eaten anything for 7-8 days, so the body had stopped working. Munavvar told that he never saw his mother happy in her in-laws’ house. Sometimes they were being beaten up and sometimes there were fights in the family. My father lived in his world. My mother used to make papads and we used to go to sell.


Munawar said, “2007 was very difficult for us. We had to sell even household utensils to eat. And the heaviest was a loan of Rs 3500 on them. She took that loan for us. The lender used to come and ask for money. It was only 3500 rupees. I can never forget this. I am earning so much today, that it is of no use. I didn’t have this money when I needed it.”