Mystery Surrounds Wagh Bakri Executive Director’s Death: No Dog Bites Found

Parag Desai
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Ahmedabad, 25th October 2023: Parag Desai, the 49-year-old Executive Director of the renowned Wagh Bakri Tea Group, passed away on Sunday. The tragic event unfolded a week after Desai slipped outside his Ahmedabad home while fending off street dogs during his routine evening walk.

Upon immediate admission to a private hospital in Gujarat, it was revealed that there were no dog bite marks on Desai’s body. 

Shelby Hospital, where he was initially taken, issued a statement saying, “When the patient was brought to the facility in an unconscious state, it was stated that he fell after being chased by dogs, but apparently there were no dog bite marks on his body.”

The hospital reported that Desai, upon arrival at around 6 pm on October 15, was unconscious and unresponsive. A subsequent CT scan uncovered acute subdural hematoma with bilateral frontal contusion. Desai was admitted to the ICU and recommended for a 72-hour observation and treatment period.

As per a report by the Ahmedabad Mirror, Desai was later transferred to Zydus Hospital for surgery. Tragically, he succumbed to a brain hemorrhage, the result of the fall he endured. An official connected to the family stated, “Desai fell and suffered a brain hemorrhage, and fainted. He was immediately shifted to a private hospital, and from there to another hospital where he underwent brain surgery. He was kept under observation. He breathed his last at around 7 pm on Sunday.”

Parag Desai served as one of the executive directors on the board of the Ahmedabad-based Wagh Bakri Tea Group, alongside Paras Desai. His father, Rasesh Desai, holds the position of Managing Director at the renowned tea company. 

Wagh Bakri Tea Group is a prominent player in the packaged tea industry, boasting a turnover exceeding Rs 2,000 crore and distributing over 50 million kgs of tea. The untimely loss of Parag Desai is mourned by the business community and beyond, marking the end of an era for the esteemed company.