“Narendra Modi has been the biggest disappointment of my life” Ram Jethmalani

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Education is a crux of democracy, educated people should raise voice for the wrong things or unjustifiable things. Profession of a lawyer is different from business, as object of business is to earn money but the object of lawyer is not only to earn money but to serve the public at large, earning of money is an incidental object and not a main object. Free work is also a duty of lawyer said senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani while speaking at legal discourse on “Novel Role of Legal Profession in Nation Building” organized by Bharati Vidyapeeth’s New Law College, Pune on 3rd August, 2015.

Prof Dr Mukund Sarda, principal of New Law College, Pune and senior faculty adv Dev Chopra were present alongwith hundreds of students.

Jethmalani said that education is a crux of democracy. “Democracy without education is like hypocrisy without limitation,” he said.

The principle of administration of justice for lawyers is that, they should argue fearlessly or freely before each other, as a novel lawyer they shall do their best to present a case without illegal means or exaggeration. Good advocacy is like bring fruit to your way, use of good spoken language and quality of speech is also important for a lawyer. Law colleges shall not only produce lawyers but also produce architects which means knowledge of law is important but how to present a case is also that much important.

He further said that, ‘A good lawyer should know literature very well. Handling of facts is difficult then handling of law’. Lawyers are not money making machines so lawyers have duty towards court, clients as well as towards public also that’s why duty of a lawyer is very important and the lawyers should obey it carefully.”

Jethmalani said that he was very depressed with the Narendra Modi led central government in regards to the recovery of black money. “Government has failed to bring back black money. On the other hand poor people are being exploited. Modi should fulfil the promises made to the people of India. Modi has been the biggest disappointment of my life,” Modi said.

Earlier Jethmalani attended orientation program of students of Symbiosis Law School and Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts at Symbiosis campus in Viman Nagar. Dr S B Mujumdar, the founder president of Symbiosis society and its principal director Vidya Yerawadkar were also present.

He said that terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) is not following tenets of Islam or the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. “They are just murderers,” Jethmalani said.

He added that the Indian Constitution has made elaborate provision about religion. “India is a secular state. Under Article 25 of the constitution grants right to freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion. Indian Secularism is like ‘superiority of science over false beliefs/practices or superiority of knowledge to ignorance’. Religion should be placed in proper place and it shall not be misused so, educated persons should protest”, Jethmalani explained.

On the death penalty in India, Jethmalani said that he was against it. “A man should not pass irrevocable sentences. Earlier in India, life imprisonment was give in rare cases of murder, while death sentence was usual order. But the Supreme Court changed that and now death penalty is awarded in rarest of case while life penalty is the norm. I believe death penalty should be given in only one case and that is if a life convict murders jail guard,” Jethmalani said, who still practises law.

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