Navi Mumbai Police Crack Murder Case with Help from Stray Dog

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Navi Mumbai, 25th April 2024: In a remarkable turn of events, a stray dog played a pivotal role in aiding the Nerul police of Navi Mumbai to unravel a murder mystery involving a ragpicker. Senior Inspector Tanaji Bhagat revealed that on April 13, the lifeless body of a ragpicker was discovered near the Nerul bus depot, bearing signs of a brutal assault with an iron rod and strangulation using a cable wire.

Critical evidence emerged from CCTV footage capturing the assailant, accompanied by a stray dog, assaulting the victim. Intriguingly, the dog displayed no hostility towards the perpetrator, suggesting a familiar bond. Further inquiries led to a pavement dweller who recognized the stray dog as a companion to a fellow ragpicker named Bhurya.

Following a two-day search, Bhurya, also known as Manoj Prajapati (42), was apprehended on April 15. During interrogation, Prajapati confessed to the crime, disclosing his motive as retaliation against the victim, who had allegedly robbed him of money while he slept on the Nerul railway foot over bridge. Frustrated by the repeated incidents, Prajapati orchestrated the fatal assault on the ragpicker.

Subsequently, Prajapati was remanded to police custody for three days before being transferred to judicial custody. Additionally, the pavement dweller who identified the stray dog has been enlisted as a witness in the case, further bolstering the evidence against the perpetrator.

This collaborative effort between law enforcement and a vigilant community member, along with the unexpected assistance from a stray dog, underscores the importance of community involvement in solving crimes and upholding justice.