Neelam Gorhe becomes first woman deputy chairperson of the state Legislative Council

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Mumbai,24.June.19: “The uncontested selection of Neelam Gorhe is based on the tradition of the council. Neelmattai has been famous in all fields like social, political, and educational. She achieved this position because of her own quality, merit and experience. She definitely give her best to performed all her duties of this position”said Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis in the Legislative Council today.

The Chief Minister was addressing the congratulatory speech at this time for the appointment of Dr. Neelam Gorhe as the deputy chairperson of the Legislative Council.

First of all, Revenue Minister Chandrakant Patil and Member Adv. Anil Parab presented a proposal of Dr. Gorhe for post of deputy chairman of the council. . Industry Minister Subhash Desai and Member Adv. Bhai Girkar gave approval to this proposal.

Focusing on the works and experience of Neelam Gorhe, Mr. Fadnavis further said that a new page has been added to the Legislative Council through selection of Neelmatai. After nearly 60years, a competent and efficient woman has been elected unopposed as deputy chairman.

“Dr. Gorhe has deep study of each subject. She has spent more than ten years in medical service. We have seen her aggression on social issues. She has also worked on various committees in the Legislative Council. It consists mainly the Working Advisory Committee, the Right Violation Committee. While working on social issues, she did not play any political role. The battle for the rights of landless laborers is her special work. Dr. Gorhe gave caluable contribution in work of women empowerment. She will take this position on very high level” said, Chief Minister.

While delivering the congratulatory speech, the opposition leader Dhananjay Munde, Industries Minister Subhash Desai, members, Sharad Ranpise, Jayant Patil expressed their feelings. Dr. Neelam Gorhe thanked the council for her unanimous selection and promised to give utmost justice to this position and work.