New update for Telegram users, Learn how it will work

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New Delhi, 5th November 2021: Telegram is rolling out a new update (Telegram Update 8.2) in which many new features have been included to make the use of the app easier. These include a new date bar and calendar view for the Shared Media page. The latest update to the instant messaging platform will give admins more control over who can join groups and view chats with new admin approval settings. In addition, the Telegram update includes a global chat theme and new interactive emoji. Telegram will now show transit times for share locations as well. 

New features coming to Telegram 

The new update was announced for Telegram users on Wednesday, November 3, via a blog post that includes details on how to use them. As mentioned, the update added a date bar on the side of the Share Media page that shows all the photos, videos, files, and music that have been shared in a particular chat – personal or group. Users can drag up and down to quickly scroll through shared media with it. Apart from this, users can also pinch to zoom in and out for a better browsing experience.


App gets new calendar view 

The Share Media page gets a new calendar view that lets Telegram users search for media from a specific date. You can also filter the share media to photos or videos or both. It can be accessed by tapping on the chat header and then scrolling down and clicking on the menu icon. 

The app will get a new preview option 

The latest update has a preview option for admins. When a user opens an invitation link with admin approval, they will see a button to send a join request, which admins can manage from a new bar at the top of the chat. With this, Telegram group admins can view the public profile image and bio of an applicant before accepting or rejecting the request. Also, the admin can name their invite link for better organization. 

In the last update, Telegram announced eight new chat themes that are now rolling out to devices. Each new theme includes day and night modes, animated backgrounds, and message bubbles. It will soon be available for Android users. Shared locations will display transit times with the new update. By tapping a share location on the chat, users can view the travel time to get there by foot, car, or public transport.


Users will get new interactive emoji 

Telegram’s new update enables automatic conversion of text typed in the message bar into a caption when a user attaches media. Cloud Draft lets users type messages on a computer, then attach photos to the phone, and send it all at once. With the new update, users will also get new interactive emojis with full-screen effects.