Newly Crowned Champions of Red Bull Tashan 2018 Western Edition, Islampur Vyayam Mandal Sangli, will now train with Puneri Paltan

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13th May 2018, Pune: The first ever-Western India edition of Red Bull Tashan, a competitive Kabaddi tournament for players at college and club level, witnessed competitive matches at the finals at Phoenix Market City on 13th May. Om Kabaddi Sangh, Government Higher Secondary and Islampur Vyayam Mandal that won the qualifiers in Pune, Goa and Sangli respectively representing the western region, played 2 matches each at the Red Bull Tashan – Western Edition Finals. Islampur Vyayam Mandal, Sangli triumphed at the Finals by beating Om Kabaddi Sangh, Pune in the final match to be crowned Red Bull Tashan 2018 Western Edition champions.

Red Bull Tashan 2018 Western Edition Finals Results:

Date: 13th May 2018

Venue: Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar Road, Pune

Om Kabaddi Sangh, Pune beat Government Higher Secondary, Goa: 39-19

Islampur Vyayam Mandal, Sangli beat Om Kabaddi Sangh, Pune: 44-15

Islampur Vyayam Mandal, Sangli beat Government Higher Secondary, Goa: 35-12

Final Match

National Final Winner

Islampur Vyayam Mandal, Sangli

Islampur Vyayam Mandal, Sangli


Om Kabaddi Sangh, Pune

Best Raider of the Western Edition Finals:

Nikhil Sandba – Om Kabaddi Sangh, Pune

Best Defender of the Western edition Finals:

Saurabh Kulkarni – Islampur Vyayam Mandal, Sangli

Organised in association with the Pro Kabaddi League franchise Puneri Paltan, the tournament aims to widen the reach and further develop the ancient and iconic Indian sport at a grass-root level in the country. The winners will get the glorious opportunity to train with the Puneri Paltan team at their home stadium before the 6th season of Pro Kabaddi League kicks off in October.

Open to players between the ages of 16-19, Red Bull Tashan makes strategy a key component of the matches, which run half the duration of Pro Kabaddi League games. While in the latter, each half consists of 20 minutes, in this tournament, each half consists of only 10 minutes each, making the entire duration of the game 20 minutes.
On the tournament Ashan Kumar, Coach of Puneri Paltan says, “In the recent past, Kabaddi has seen a staggering growth in the participation and interest among the youth. Red Bull Tashan is an exciting platform for such youngsters to show their ability on the big stage. It is encouraging to see big brands like Red Bull investing in a sport like Kabaddi and give the exuberant youth a great opportunity to showcase their talent. There were some players who really caught our attention and we would like to congratulate Islampur Vyayam Mandal from Sangli and are excited for the prospect of them training with our team.”
Sandeep Narwal, Puneri Paltan All-rounder said, “It is amazing to see such breath-taking talent out on show here. I am impressed by the performances of all the three teams that have made it to the final. We have seen some intense and exciting rounds of Kabaddi in the finals of Red Bull Tashan and it is exciting that the Sangli team would get a chance to train with the Puneri Paltan before the season starts. Red Bull has done a great job in coming up with an initiative like Tashan, which gives opportunities for players from grassroot, level to compete in a tournament like this. It is so encouraging to know that these players would get an opportunity to train with us during the pre-season training of Pro kabaddi league”

Girish Ernak, Puneri Paltan Defender highlighted “It feels great to be at this event. The potential that these players have got is really exciting and it will be a great learning experience for the winning team from Sangli to train with the team ahead of the next season. Congratulations to Red Bull Tashan 2018 for being a great success. Look forward to a great season of Pro Kabaddi league for my team”

On the association Kailash Kanpdal, CEO of Puneri Paltan says, “We believe that Red Bull Tashan is all about finding young and exuberant talent in the country from the grass root level and boosting their interest in the sport. Puneri Paltan and Red Bull Tashan share a common goal of focusing on the grassroot development of the sport, enabling the budding Kabaddi players, across the country, to showcase their talent. Besides the winners (Sangli team) getting the opportunity to train with Puneri Platan, we have also identified a few players from other teams in the Red Bull Tashan Qualifiers and will provide them with a chance for trails for our scouting program.”

Rules of Red Bull Tashan:

    • Each team must consist of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 12 players.

    • Age category: 16-19 years.

    • Match Duration: 20 minutes, divided into halves of 10 minutes each, along with a 3-minute interval between halves.

    • Teams will be allowed to take one ‘time out’ of 30 seconds each in each half.

    • Each team is allowed a maximum of five substitutions during the playing time of 20 minutes.

    • The team that wins the toss shall have the choice of the court, or the raid, and the team that loses the toss shall have the remaining choice.

    • A raider shall continue to chant ‘kabaddi’ as the approved chant. Failure to do so while in the opponent’s court will lead to him being ordered back, and the opponent awarded one technical point and a chance to raid.

    • One point shall be awarded to the raider when he crosses the bonus line. The bonus line rule is applicable when there are a minimum of six players on the field. If the raider is caught after crossing the bonus line, the opposing team will also be awarded one point. The side that scores an ‘all-out‘, shall score two extra points.

      • The term ‘super catch‘ refers to when a raider is tackled by three or less of players, while ‘super raid‘ refers to when a raider is able to touch three or more players and the raid is successful. In both cases, one bonus point is awarded to the respective team.

      • No consecutive raid can be an empty one.

      • If the match stands at a tie at the end of 20 minutes, a ’golden raid’ will be conducted. In this, a toss will take place, and the side that wins the toss raids first. All seven players of the opposing team will be on the field. If the match continues to stand at a tie after the first golden raid, the opposing team is awarded a chance at a golden raid. If the game is still tied thereafter, the winner will be decided by a toss.

      The Inaugural edition of Red Bull Tashan in Bangalore last year witnessed the winners HMT Colony Boys & Classic Nationals give their best in the final clash to grab the chance to train with the Bengaluru Bulls team, before the fifth season of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League kicked off. HMT Colony Boys emerged as the winners of the first edition of Red Bull Tashan by defeating Classic Nationals in a close final clash by 2 points. Red Bull Tashan Winners HMT Colony Boys earned the opportunity to train with their role models in Bengaluru Bulls Team from 5th to 10th of July at One World, Chennai