Nighttime Comfort: Pune Sees Significant Drop in Minimum Temperatures

cloudy weather Pune
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Pune, 3rd May 2024: After enduring a period of uncomfortably warm nights, Pune residents have finally found respite with a significant drop in minimum temperatures. Met department data reveals that on April 30, Shivajinagar recorded a minimum temperature of 22.4°C, while Pashan registered 23.4°C. However, just two days later, these figures plummeted to 18.7°C in Shivajinagar and 19.2°C in Pashan.

Meteorologists attribute this remarkable temperature drop to a substantial decrease in humidity levels and subsequent cloud cover during the night. High humidity tends to trap heat emitted from the surface, resulting in warmer nights. However, with reduced cloud cover, heat can escape more freely, leading to a rapid cooling of the surface and lower night temperatures.

According to a scientist from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), earlier weather systems brought moisture, increasing humidity levels and maintaining cloud cover even during the nighttime. However, these systems have now dissipated, reducing moisture incursion and cloud cover. Consequently, clear skies prevail, facilitating the drop in night temperatures.

Data indicates a significant decrease in minimum temperatures across all areas between April 30 and May 2, with Chinchwad experiencing the most notable decline at 4.6°C.

Looking ahead, the latest IMD forecast predicts daytime temperatures in Pune to range between 40°C and 41°C in the coming days. Meanwhile, minimum temperatures are expected to remain within the 19-25°C range.

Pune residents can now look forward to more comfortable nights ahead, thanks to the welcome drop in temperatures.