NMC Directs Medical Colleges: Postgraduate Students Cannot Be Forced to Stay in Hostels

Medical Students
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New Delhi, 11th February 2024: The National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued directives to medical colleges, stating that postgraduate students cannot be compelled to reside in hostels. Notices have been dispatched to medical colleges across the country, emphasizing the mandatory provision of suitable residential accommodation to postgraduate students.

The NMC’s notice, citing Rule 5.6 of the Post Graduate Medical Education Regulations (PGMER), 2023, emphasizes that while it is obligatory for colleges to provide hostels, they cannot enforce residency for postgraduate students.

This clarification by the council comes in response to complaints received from postgraduate students, detailing instances where medical colleges have coerced them into staying in the institution’s hostels. The NMC underscores that no such provision existed in the earlier PG Medical Rules.

In its official notification, the NMC warns medical colleges of potential penalties for non-compliance. Penalties may include monetary fines, reduction of seats, and even the suspension of admissions. The commission urges all medical colleges and institutes to adhere to the stipulated rules, emphasizing the consequences outlined in regulations 9.1 and 9.2 of PGMER, 2023.

The NMC’s proactive stance aims to safeguard the rights and choices of postgraduate medical students, ensuring a fair and conducive environment for their education.