‘No Lungi Or Nighty’ – Greater Noida Apartment Owners’ Association Requests Attire Consideration in Common Areas

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Noida, 14th June 2023: The Himsagar Apartment Association in Sector Phi 2 of Greater Noida has issued a circular urging residents to be mindful of their attire when utilizing the common areas and park facilities. The circular, released on June 10, specifically mentioned not wearing lungis and nighties outside of individual flats. While some residents have welcomed the request, others have criticized it, viewing it as an infringement on personal clothing choices.

CK Kalra, the president of the Apartment Owners’ Association, clarified that the intention was not to discriminate but rather to “simply request” residents to follow certain guidelines. The decision to issue the circular came after several complaints were received regarding people wearing loose clothing during daily yoga sessions in the compound. Kalra stated, “A few days back, some women complained about a senior citizen doing yoga wearing a lungi. At first, we requested people verbally. Later, the association decided to put out a circular.”

The circular emphasized the need for residents to be mindful of their conduct and dress while roaming within the society premises, so as not to give others a reason to object. It also highlighted the influence parents have on their children’s behavior and requested that everyone refrain from wearing lungis and nighties, which are typically considered home attire, when moving around the society.

Opinions within the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) federations were divided regarding the dress code. The GB Nagar district development RWA supported the call for a dress code, emphasizing the importance of maintaining decorum in public spaces. NP Singh, the president of the RWA, stated that wearing loose and ill-fitted clothing like lungis or nighties in common areas and parks is not deemed appropriate.

While some residents expressed no objections to the new rules, others raised concerns about the Apartment Owners’ Association taking excessive liberties. The debate regarding personal freedom and community norms continues, with residents hoping for a balanced approach that respects individual choices while maintaining a sense of decorum in shared spaces.