Now Medical Shops to inform Pune Police about people buying medicines for COVID19 symptoms

Corona Pune
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Pune, April 18, 2020: As the number of Coronavirus COVID19 cases are rising in Pune city, authorities are taking stringent steps and more people are being tested now. In a major step, Pune City Police has issued an order to all the chemist medical shops to inform the police about people buying medicines for COVID19 symptoms.


Joint Commissioner of Police (Law & Order) Ravindra Shisve issued an order in this regard under section 68 (Persons bound to conform to reasonable orders of Police) of the Maharashtra Police Act. The state health department has named Pune Police Commissioner Dr K Venkatesham as the competent authority and this order has been issued with his approval. The number of Coronavirus patients has reached 501 in Pune city.


“Anybody buying medicines for cough, cold, fever, breathlessness, note down his/her details like name, phone number and address, in a register and send a list of such people to the police control room on WhatsApp no. 8975 953100 every day at 8 pm”, states the order.


“Many people are being admitted in government and private hospitals in Pune for treatment of symptoms of COVID19. There may be more increase in number Coronavirus Positive patients in Pune. Therefore, as per the advice of medical experts, it is necessary to identify such patients at the primary stage itself. It is necessary to identify and trace people who have come in contact with COVID19 patients and break the chain to stop further spread of Coronavirus. Therefore, the medical stores have to get the details of people buying medicines for symptoms related to Coronavirus and inform the police. We will share the details with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) which has started 74 flu clinics for further medical examination of such persons”, Jt CP Shisve stated in his order.

As per this order, the medical stores have to display the names of the clinics and guide the customers (having symptoms) to the nearest flu clinic of the PMC. They have to note down details of the person buying the medicine and also mention whether the medicine is for himself/herself, or somebody else. They have to focus on people coming without a doctor’s prescription. They have to maintain social distancing at the medical shop and use a mask, hand sanitizer. While sending report to police, the name, address and phone number of the medical shop has to be mentioned on the list.


Pune Police Order for Medical Shops