‘ओढ़ा दो ज़िन्दगी’ ‘Odha Do Zindagi’

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Can you feel the slight nip in the air..It’s winter knocking on our doors…Goonj has started its nationwide campaign Odha Do Zindagi, raising the ignored disaster of winter, which for millions on the road and in far flung areas, is often torturous due to lack of adequate woolens. It is targeting collection/purchase of over a million pieces of woolens and blankets initially. As they often say, million is a small word in India, the target is bigger, much more.. Do join the campaign.. Contribute, create awareness, organise camps.

Simple Ways to Spread the Warmth…

  1. To drop woolens you can visit our offices or dropping centres, refer- http://goonj.org/?page_id=22873
  1. For making a monetary contribution, click here- http://goonj.org/?page_id=22576
  1. Do spread the word around and get your friends, colleagues, family to organise ‘Rahat- Winters’ Collection drives.. OR Call us on 011- 41401216, 26972351 or write onmail@goonj.orgto take this plunge.

The two pictures you see below are a proof of how a small effort can bring a big change in someone’s life. Clothing is not only about dignity and looking good but for millions, its a means to survive, especially in the cold.

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