Once Upon a Story- A book launched on the teachings of educationist, Gijubhai Badeka

Panelists at the launch of the book- Once Upon a Story. (L-R) – Neha Kare, Kusum Kanwar, Shiven Jain, Mahesh Balakrishnan, Dr. Swati Popat Vats, Vinitha Ramchandani and Bharati Thakore.

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Pune, June 15, 2019: ‘It’s important how we teach children, how we assess them and how we inspire children to become not only good learners but good global citizens to become better citizens.’ This thought enthused by India’s note worthy educationist, Shree Gijubhai Badeka who Mahatma Gandhi called, ‘Muchhali Maa’ in his book in Divyaswapna (Day dreaming) was about changes in the education system.

A book launch- Once Upon a Story, dedicated to Divyaswapna and the Gijubhai method,  written by Dr Swati Popat Vats, President, Early Childhood Association and Vinitha Ramchandani, Journalist was announced yesterday at the Crossword in presence of Kusum Kanwar, Founder and Director, KK Kids Learning Systems LLP, Mahesh Balakrishnan, IB- Manager Development and recognition, India, Nepal and Bhutan, Neha Kare, Founder, Universe of Moms, Bharati Thakore, Founder and CEO, New Millenium Education Partners and Shiven Jain, Student, Author, Tedx Speaker.

Speaking on the occasion, Swati Popat Vats said, “Vinitha and I have always been inspired by Gijubhai’s work and because we both work with children, parents and stories, we decided to write a book on him. This book dedicated to Divyaswapna and the Gijubhai method should be read by every teacher and parent so that more educators can be inspired by Gijubhai’s day dream of education and turn it into a reality for India and its students.”

The panelists also demanded that Gijubhai should be given the honour of Padamshree.

Gijubhai wrote more than 200 books in his 15-year career as an educationist and no one has written a book on him and his work till date.

Mahesh Balakrishna said, “The irony is that we look for the best talent overseas but are unaware of the Kohinoor of our own country. We discuss about lots of authors and thinkers but have missed acknowledging Gijubhai’s books which are reflective, empathetic and inclusive.”

Once Upon a Story, is published by The write place, publishing wing of Crossword and Early Childhood Association (ECA).

Author Vinitha Ramchandani stated, “There is no need to change the education system but it can be improved by bringing a change in the system and policies. Children should be inspired to think and implement their practical thoughts in their lives. We have taken excerpts from Divyaswapna and have given the way ahead of how these can be implemented in today’s classrooms and today’s education for tomorrow’s children.”