Maharashtra stands first in cyber-crime policing in the country – CM Devendra Fadnavis

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Mumbai, Date. 15: ‘Cyber-crime possibility has increased as business transactions are being digitalized majorly.’  CM Devendra Fadnavis said that Maharashtra police would stand first in cyber policing in the country, as it is ready to face the challenge.

Shri. Fadnavis performed bhumi pujan of the cyber-crime police station, DCP cyber-crime office, and quarters in Bandra (West).  He spoke at the event.

Maharashtra Home Minister Dipak Kesarkar, MP Poonam Mahajan, MLA Ashish Shelar, Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Barve, Director General (Housing Development) Bipin Bihari were present at the event.

CM Shri. Fadnavis further said that the possibility of cyber-crime has increased as transactions are digitalized. Masses can be looted through phishing. Hence, creating awareness regarding phishing is needed. Still, if someone falls prey to phishing, police must be ready to catch the culprit and return the stolen amount to the victim.  Again, cyber-crimes do not have geographical boundaries.  A criminal can be in any corner of the world and can still steal money from the other place.  That is why an ultra-modern technology and system is needed.

CM Shri. Fadanvis mentioned that Maharashtra stands first in the country in setting up a cyber security system. He further told that overall forty cyber labs are created across all districts in the state. Microsoft has created cyber warriors to fight in cyberspace war. There can be cyber-attacks in India too.  Content that might hurt religious sentiments and disrupt social peace need to prevent immediately. That specific content needs to be removed from cyberspace. Micro- firewalls are needed to create to prevent cyber-attacks.  A capable cyber army should be created. One thousand officers-employees are being trained for the purpose. The system will help in preventing cyber-crimes.  The cyber cell is being an important help in other crime investigation too.  It helps largely to prove the crime. Now the policing should be done understanding values-principles of the twenty-first century.  The state has taken its first and important step in policing. It will provide citizens with better service in the future.

Police Commissioner Shri. Barve gave the information on a cyber-crime police station and relevant system set up, in the introduction.

But before that, CM Shri. Fadnavis and other eminent personalities laid the foundation stone for the police station, DCP office, type IV quarter and performed the bhumi pujan. Citizens, highly respected persons from different fields were present in the programme in a large number.