‘One-Day Complete rest for the horn’ campaign to be carried out in Pune

No Horn Please
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Mrunal Jadhav

Pune, December 11, 2020: ‘One-day complete rest for the horn’ campaign will be implemented in Pune on Saturday (December 12) to control the tendency of blowing the horn unnecessarily.

In Pune, the horn is blown more than one crore times a day and 90% of the time the horn is unnecessary. Most of the Punekars are stuck in traffic jams for one and a half to two hours a day, unnecessary horns cause discomfort. Therefore, to promote the concept of ‘No Horn’, Life-Saving Foundation, Navchaitanya Hasyayog Parivar and Pune Police Traffic Department are implementing the concept of ‘One Day Complete Rest for the horn’, informed Devendra Pathak of Life Saving Foundation on Thursday. Makrand Tillu and Prof. Padmakar Punde of Navchaitanya Hasya Yoga family were present on this occasion.

A public awareness program will be held at Tilak Chowk on Saturday at noon. Savitribai Phule, Vice-Chancellor of Pune University Dr Nitin Karmalkar, Deputy Commissioner of Transport Department Rahul Shriram, Sports Critic Sunandan Lele and Dr Rajesh Deshpande, Shantanu Prabhune of Sai Packaging will be present.

“Schools and hospitals have ‘No Horn’ awareness boards, but we don’t take them seriously. This appeal will be made to remind the people of Pune. Horn noise is a major cause of increasing noise pollution. As a result, Pune residents are facing high blood pressure, heart disease, mental stress, irritability, depression and deafness. To avoid this, the concept of ‘No Horn’ needs to be put into practice,” Tillu said.