One Lakh Ram Devotees Unite for Shri Ramraksha Pathan Ceremony in Pune

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Pune, 8th January 2024: In a momentous event inspired by the dedication ceremony of Lord Shri Ram’s idol in Ayodhya, Pune is set to witness a collective recitation of “Shri Ramraksha Pathan” by one lakh Ram devotees. The ceremony, organized by Bhaktisudha Foundation, Pune, and Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth Pune, aims to contribute spiritually to the completion of the Ram Mandir.

The ceremony is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 14th January 2024, from 7:30 am to 9:30 am at SP College grounds in Pune.

The grand event, titled “Ram Raksha for the Country… A Morning for Rama,” will feature the recitation of Ramraksha Pathan three times. Devotees will focus on three resolutions: ‘Lord Shri Ram – Naman,’ ‘Country – Prosperity,’ and honouring the ‘Soldiers – Force’ safeguarding borders. Additionally, a garland of Shri Ram Naam Japa will be recited for self-improvement.

BJP leader Hemant Rasane, who is also the General Secretary of Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati Trust, shared, “Participation in the event will include youths from Swami Govinddev Giri Maharaj’s Ashram and students from diverse schools affiliated with Shikshan Prasarak Mandali. The objective is to cultivate cultural values among the younger generation, showcasing Pune’s distinctive spirit of devotion to Lord Ram.”

The event will feature the performance of the original verse “Raghupati Raghava Rajaram” by Shri Lakshmanacharya, marking its presentation for the first time in the context of the completion of Ram Mandir. Musician Ashish Keskar and singer Charudatta will collaborate on the rendition. Actor and lecturer Rahul Solapurkar will provide insights into the history of Ram Janmabhoomi, while national kirtan artist Charudatta Aphale will discuss the significance of Rama Raksha and Bhimarupi Maharudra Stotra.

As part of a special campaign, Ram devotees are encouraged to write the chant “Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram” 108 times on a piece of paper, which will be collected and offered to Shri Ramcharan at Ayodhya. The event will also witness the establishment of “Shri Ram Gate,” “Shri Hanuman Entrance,” “Samartha Shri Ramdas Swami Entrance,” and “Maharishi Valmiki Entrance.”

Rasane also expressed the importance of active community support at the spiritual level, highlighting the unique character of the program and the satisfaction it brings to every Ram devotee.