Pune: Nationwide Protests Intensify in Hit-and-Run Case, Maharashtra to Witness Agitation from January 9 – Baba Kamble

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Pune, 8th January 2024: In response to the stringent law against hit-and-run case, a decision has been made to stage sit-ins across several states, including Delhi, Punjab, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and others. The protest is set to escalate in Maharashtra, with various organizations planning to intensify the sit-in starting from the night of January 9. National President of Taxi Truck Transport Federation, Baba Kamble, has taken a leading role in spearheading this movement.

Kamble initiated the protest at Jantar-Mantar in Delhi and actively participated in the agitation in Punjab. After touring various parts of the country, he is scheduled to arrive in Maharashtra on the 9th January. The decision to escalate the agitation has been confirmed, with activities commencing from midnight on the 9th across all districts in Maharashtra. Drivers and owners of various vehicles, including auto-rickshaws, taxis, trucks, buses, and tempos, are expected to participate in this widespread movement.

Expressing the sentiment behind the protest, Kamble stated that while demonstrations are ongoing across the country regarding hit-and-run cases, the government remains unyielding in its stance. He emphasized the need for the central government to engage in discussions with the associations representing the 25 crore drivers nationwide. Kamble warned that attempts to suppress the movement would only fuel more aggressive responses.

Addressing the protesters, he urged them to continue the protest in a peaceful and democratic manner, avoiding any form of violence or disruptive behavior that could impede traffic. The call is for a peaceful yet assertive protest, urging participants to gather in front of District Collector’s Offices and RTOs to voice their grievances.

Kamble concluded his statement by appealing to all driver-owners in Maharashtra to join the movement and make their voices heard in a united stand for their rights.