Opposition Leaders Will Resort To Anti-National Forces To Halt Modi’s Progress, Warns Keshav Prasad Maurya

Opposition Leaders Will Resort To Anti-National Forces To Halt Modi's Progress, Warns Keshav Prasad Maurya
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Pune, 15th June 2023: With the upcoming Lok Sabha elections on the horizon, opposition leaders are gearing up to create unrest and disrupt the harmony within the country, according to Keshav Prasad Maurya, the Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. He claimed that these leaders will even seek the assistance of anti-India forces in their attempts. Maurya expressed his confidence in the power of the people, stating, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the support of the people, and we will secure more than 350 Lok Sabha seats.”

During a visit to Pune, Maurya addressed the press conference at BJP office, accompanied by State Vice President Rajesh Pande, General Secretary Muralidhar Mohol, and Pune City President Jagdish Mulik.

Maurya commended the Narendra Modi government for its commendable work across various sectors, including women’s empowerment, agriculture, and youth development, over the past nine years. He mentioned that 280 BJP leaders will visit all Lok Sabha constituencies in the country to highlight the government’s achievements.

Maurya emphasized the significance of Modi’s leadership, which led to India’s presidency of the G20 and the country becoming the fifth-largest economy globally. These accomplishments have instilled a sense of pride among Indians worldwide. Maurya also highlighted the government’s success in curbing terrorist and Naxal attacks, as well as the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. He credited Modi with instilling confidence in a country that was mired in despair under Congress rule before 2014. Maurya expressed his belief that the BJP would secure over 75 MPs in Uttar Pradesh and more than 45 MPs in Maharashtra in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, ultimately aiming to achieve a majority of over 350 MPs nationwide.

Enactment of the Uniform Civil Code: The BJP’s manifesto includes promises such as the abolition of Article 370, the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya, and the implementation of a uniform civil law. While Article 370 has already been nullified in Jammu and Kashmir, work on the construction of the Ram Mandir is progressing swiftly. Maurya confirmed the party’s commitment to introducing the Uniform Civil Code. He also mentioned that the 22nd Law Commission has sought public input on this matter, urging citizens to actively participate in the process.

No Direct Response on Brijbhushan Singh: When questioned about the sexual harassment allegations against Uttar Pradesh BJP MP Brijbhushan Singh by women athletes who have won Olympic medals, Maurya refrained from giving a direct answer. He stated that while the government holds respect for women and wrestling arenas, a Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been formed to investigate the matter thoroughly. Maurya emphasized the need to await the SIT’s report before discussing further actions, emphasizing that an allegation alone does not automatically lead to immediate arrest.


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