Orange Alert Issued For Pune Ghats For Next 48 Hours, Heavy Rainfall Expected In City Area

Pune: Warandha Ghat Road Closed For Heavy Traffic During Monsoon
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Pune, 26th June 2023: The India Meteorological Department’s (IMD) weather forecasting head in Pune, Anupam Kashyapi, has issued an orange alert for the ghats in and around Pune city for the next 48 hours.


The alert comes as heavy rainfall is expected in the region, posing risks to visitors. Additionally, the city area is likely to experience an increase in rainfall activity, with moderate rain expected, ranging from 15.5 to 64.4 mm in the next 24 hours, accompanied by intense spells.


Kashyapi has advised the public to avoid visiting the ghats due to the adverse weather conditions. The orange alert signifies that authorities should be prepared for the situation and that residents should exercise caution while venturing into these areas.


Furthermore, within the city limits, residents have been urged to remain vigilant as the rainfall is expected to be significant enough to cause water stagnation in low-lying areas. The current condition of the city roads is not ideal, and with the increasing rainfall, the number of potholes is likely to rise, posing challenges for commuters. It is crucial for the general public to exercise utmost care while traveling to prevent accidents or damage to vehicles.


The local authorities have been alerted about the situation and are taking necessary steps to mitigate the potential risks. Efforts are being made to minimize water stagnation by ensuring proper drainage systems and prompt repairs of road infrastructure. However, residents are advised to plan their journeys accordingly and use alternative routes if necessary.


A. Impact Expected

• Localized Flooding of roads, water logging in low lying areas and closure of underpasses mainly in urban areas of the above region.

Occasional reduction in visibility due to heavy rainfall. Disruption of traffic in major cities due to water logging in roads leading to increased travel time. Minor damage to kutcha roads. Possibilities of damage to vulnerable structure. Localized Landslides/Mudslides Damage to horticulture and standing crops in some areas due to inundation. It may lead to riverine flooding in some river catchments (for riverine flooding please visit Web page of CWC)


B. Action Suggested Check for traffic congestion on your route before leaving for your destination. Follow any traffic advisories that are issued in this regard. Avoid going to areas that face the water logging problems often. Avoid staying in vulnerable structure.