OYO Founder Ritesh Agarwal’s Father Dies in Tragic Accident

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Gurugram, 10th March 2023: Ritesh Agarwal, the founder of OYO, a hospitality company, suffered a personal tragedy when his father passed away on Wednesday after falling from a high-rise building in Gurugram, India. According to reports, the incident occurred in the morning, and Ritesh’s father was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital but was declared dead upon arrival. The cause of the fall is currently unknown, and investigations are ongoing.

Ritesh, who is one of India’s youngest self-made billionaires, expressed his grief on Twitter, saying that he had lost his best friend and mentor. He also thanked everyone for their support and prayers during this difficult time. The news of the tragedy has sent shockwaves through India’s startup community, with many expressing their condolences and offering their support to Ritesh and his family.