Passengers Stranded At Pune Airport As Multiple Flights Cancelled, Delayed, and Diverted

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 28th December 2023: Amidst dense fog gripping the Delhi airport, flight operations to and from Pune have been severely impacted, causing chaos and inconvenience for numerous passengers. Approximately 134 flights, encompassing both domestic and international routes, witnessed delays and cancellations, attributing these disruptions to the adverse weather conditions.

Passengers expressed their dismay over the tumultuous experience caused by the delays. Akhand Bhandari, scheduled to fly from Delhi to Pune on Vistara’s UK935, faced an extensive delay of over 2 hours, leading to an unexpected overnight stay at the Pune airport. Similarly, Parth Bhandari, set to depart from Pune to Delhi via SpiceJet, encountered rescheduling challenges multiple times, affecting his planned activities in Delhi and incurring financial losses.

Furthermore, another passenger, whose flight SG937 from Pune to Delhi faced a staggering 10-hour delay, voiced dissatisfaction with SpiceJet’s communication, alleging a lack of clarity regarding the flight’s status and connections. Amidst mounting frustrations, some passengers expressed dismay over cancellations, citing poor responsiveness from airline staff at the Delhi airport.

In response to the situation, Santosh Dhoke, the Airport Director told Punekar News, the data compilation process involving airlines from both Delhi and Pune is going on to know the extent of flight cancellations and delays.

Cancellation as on 28.12.2023 ( 00.01  to 12:00 Hrs )

Flight No. To STD Qualifier Status
SG0948 Hyderabad 28-12-2023 01:20 Scheduled Cancelled
6E0721 Amritsar 28-12-2023 02:55 Scheduled Cancelled
6E 0159 GOA (MOPA) 28-12-2023 05:20 Scheduled Cancelled
6E0672 GOA (MOPA) 28-12-2023 23:55 Scheduled Cancelled
6E2472 DEL 28-12-2023 07:35 Scheduled Cancelled
AI0852 DEL 28-12-2023 07:40 Scheduled Cancelled
UK0972 DEL 28-12-2023 08:45 Scheduled Cancelled
6E0338 Lucknow 28-12-2023 03:45 Scheduled Cancelled
SG0937 DEL 28-12-2023 06:00 Scheduled Cancelled