Passion is Enough to Get Success: Aamir Khan

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Pune, 23 January 2021: Not only cinema but all sorts of arts have an impact on young minds. Creative people are the only set of people who touch people’s hearts; they bring hope in people’s life, said Aamir Khan during an online lecture on Thursday. The lecture was conducted as a part of Symbiosis Golden Jubilee Lecture Series.

The lecture was conducted as a Question & Answers session with the students of Symbiosis International University.

Talking about instinct Aamir Khan said, instinct is the experience and hard work which we did in the past and it has accumulated over a period of time. It is the knowledge which comes with experience.

Talking about his films popularity in china and opening a new territory of viewers in china and Hong Kong for his films, Aamir said, credit goes to the audience in china. They are welcoming culture from outside their country; we should appreciate them for this and should also learn from them. The most important factor here is the Movie piracy. Piracy made me popular in China, Aamir Khan added further.

During his speech, he talked about the change in the cinema industry he said; creative change is the most important change for over the years in my view. Diverse kinds of stories are coming in the mainstream which was not the case earlier.

About the healthcare facilities in our country Aamir stated that healthcare should be identical to each and every individual in our country. One’s wealth should not decide the kind of treatment he/she will get. Best healthcare should be available to everyone.

Speaking at the lecture Aamir Khan gave valuable advice to the students on how to attain success with your own actions. Passion is enough to get success perhaps this is the fundamental thing for achieving success in life. Desire to learn, to grow is very important. Never give up attitude, hard work, perseverance are the key factors for success. Make your journey exciting and have fun, accept your mistakes, learn from them and remember the end result is not in our hands but we have to give our best in whatever we do.

Talking about his activity on social media, Aamir said, I am not very active on social media. I don’t want people to see me but to experience me through my work, I always like to communicate through my work. Talking about how he chooses his films, he mentioned that his primary responsibility is to give people good time by watching his films and making films commercially viable.

About the reopening of theaters/ multiplexes Aamir said, Joy of watching a film in the theater is a different experience altogether. It’s a collective experience. The time will come back soon when we all can have this unique experience of watching movies.

Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, Founder and President of Symbiosis gave opening remarks. Dr Vidya Yeravdekar, Pro- Chancellor, Symbiosis International University gave a welcome address. Dr. Rajani Gupte, Vice Chancellor, SIU gave Vote of Thanks and Dr. Ruchi Jaggi, Director, Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication was the anchor of the program.