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Pune, August 16, 2022: Pepperfry, the leading ecommerce furniture and home goods company, announced the launch of its 52nd and 57th Company Owned, and Company Operated (COCO) Studios in Wakad and Trident, Pune – Maharashtra. The company aims to strengthen its omnichannel consumer engagement in the home and living segment in India. Pepperfry’s Studio footprint currently spans across 90+ cities with 180+ studios in the country.




Pepperfry Studios have transformed the furniture retail landscape in India. The company’s omnichannel strategy is driven by expansion of COCO (Company Owned Company Operated) and FOFO (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated) studios across the country. The newly launched studios in Wakad and Trident have a carpet area of 2,625 sq. ft. and 3,655 sq. ft. respectively, and offers customers a first-hand experience of an infinite catalogue of furniture and home products. Customers will get specialized design advice from the company’s interior design consultants. The studios at Pune aims at providing a personalized shopping experience tailored to the unique needs of home and living customers in Maharashtra.




Pepperfry launched its first COCO studio in 2014 to expand its omnichannel capabilities, observing the need for consumers to ‘Touch and Feel’ furniture pieces. These studios were introduced with the objective of providing exposure to great quality and designer products to the Indian consumers. A major focus behind launching COCO studios was to offer customers free consultation from in-house design experts.




The idea behind developing Pepperfry COCO studios was to gain consumer trust in the brand. It ensured consumers have the autonomy to make a well-guided purchase and introduced a unique service consultation which catered to their personalized needs rather than selling an existing product for their requirement. Pepperfry COCO studios showcase solid wood furniture products that create excitement and instill a sense of belongingness for customers.




Nishant Kumar, Vice President and National Head of Studios, Pepperfry said, “We are thrilled to launch our new COCO studio in Pune. Unlike traditional furniture shops, our Studios act as experience centres. They are developed basis concept creation that is aligned with the design aesthetics of consumer preferences in specific markets. We leverage AR/VR for product engagements to enhance customer experiences. With our mission to spark a feeling called home across the world, we endeavor to provide accessibility to customers with great products and services in the home furniture category.”