Phone numbers starting with +140 are of telemarketing companies: Maharashtra Cyber Police

140 phone call police announcement
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Mubarak Ansari

Pune, July 11, 2020: There is a video clip doing the rounds on social media of a police constable telling people not to accept calls from phone numbers starting with +140. Now Maharashtra Police has clarified that telephone numbers starting with +140 belong to telemarketing companies. The agency has appealed people not to share confidential banking or personal details or OTP with such callers.


Maharashtra Cyber police said, “We would like to clarify that numbers starting with +140 are telemarketing calls. In any case, and in ALL cases, People should NOT share their confidential banking or personal details or OTP with such callers.”


According to police, there is no fact in the viral message on social media that if you receive a phone call from an unknown number starting with the number 140, all the money in your account will be withdrawn and the account will be void. As long as you do not share bank account details, one time password (OTP), credit / debit card numbers as well as CVV / PIN, your bank account will not suffer any loss.


“However, in case of a phone call from 140 or any number, if they ask for your personal information, bank, debit / credit card details along with OTP, do not give any of your personal, bank account information, debit / credit card information, OTP / PIN”, police appealed.