Photo exhibition on Tata Family Properties (1822-1965)

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A splendid display of grandeur and historic landmarks


Tata Central Archives, Pune is hosting a magnificent showcase of Tata Family Properties that are significant in narrating the journey of the growth and advancement of a family whose vision and perseverance transformed the face of Indian industry.

The photo exhibition, which will showcase over 100 properties owned, leased and rented by members of the Tata Family across generations, in India, and in England and France, cover an era from 1822 to 1965. It includes the real estate and properties of Mr. Nusserwanji and Mrs. Jeevanbai Tata; Mr.Jamsetji and Mrs. Hirabai Tata; Sir Dorabji and Lady Meherbai Tata; Sir Ratan and Lady Navajbai Tata; Mr. R.D. and Mrs. Sooni Tata; and Ms. Ratanbai Bamji who was Jamsetji Tata’s sister.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Mr. Ishaat Hussain, Director, Tata Sons along with Mr. Farokh Nariman Subedar, Chief Operating Officer, Tata Sons and Chairman, Tata Services Ltd.


Date – October 10, 2016 Onwards


Time – 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday


Venue – Tata Central Archives,1, Mangaldas Road, Pune – 411001

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